Originally based in Portland, Oregon, and now re-located to Issaquah, Washington, PuguaSoft LLC is a software development and consulting firm founded in 2003 by Chris N. Diaz after he graduated from the University of Oregon.  PuguaSoft provides services for clients needing anything from websites to mobile applications, RIA, and internal software solutions.  In addition to providing custom software solutions for both small start-ups and large enterprises, PuguaSoft also develops its own enterprise and personal software products.  PuguaSoft is also an advocate of open source projects.

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People at PuguaSoft

Chris N. Diaz – Founder & Lead Developer

The founder of PuguaSoft, Chris graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2003, one year ahead of his class.  He spends most of his time as the lead programmer for the PuguaSoft projects developing both web applications and mobile apps.  In addition to Android and BlackBerry app development, Chris has extensive experience in Java/J2EE, Google App Engine, GWT, XP, OOP/OOD, design patterns, SQL, Eclipse RCP, and many other technologies.

He is originally from the tiny island of Guam and then moved to Oregon in 2000 to pursue his college degree at the University of Oregon.  Since then, Chris has worked at a variety of companies learning a variety of software technologies along the way.  For more info, you can check out his resume.

Besides programming, Chris enjoys playing basketball and football, camping, hiking, alpine skiing, and learning to play the guitar.  He is also an avid fan of the UO Ducks Football team and the San Antonio Spurs.  For more info about Chris, check out his blog.