PocketJIRA for Android Now Available in the Android Market

August 21st, 2010

We’re happy to announce the initial public release of PocketJIRA for the Android.  With PocketJIRA Lite, you will be able to view JIRA Issues, Favourite Filters, add Comments, & more from your Android device.

Features include:
  • View Favourite Filters
  • View Projects
  • View Issues
  • Multiple JIRA Accounts (up to 3)
  • Search Issue Keys
  • Add New Comments
  • and more
In PocketJIRA Pro (still in development) we will add support for editing Issues and performing Workflow Actions (e.g. Start/Stop Progress, Close and Reopen Issues, etc), and more, so stay tuned!

You can download and install PocketJIRA Lite by searching for “pocketjira” in the Android Market.

If you have any questions or comments, send an email to support (at) pocketjira (dot) com or visit our forums: http://forums.puguasoft.com


PocketJIRA for the BlackBerry is now available for download.

June 28th, 2010

PocketJIRA is an application that lets you easily access JIRA issues on your mobile device including the BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile. With PocketJIRA, you will be able to view, create, and update JIRA issues, comments, follow workflows, and more from the palm of your hand.

Key features:

  • View, create, update Issues
  • View, create, update Comments
  • View Projects
  • View Favourite Filters
  • View Custom Fields
  • View Time Tracking & Work Logs
  • Add new Work Logs
  • Create new filters
  • Multiple accounts/logins
  • Search by Issue Key
  • Search by text
  • and more…

For more information about PocketJIRA, visit the products page or the official PocketJIRA homepage at www.pocketjira.com.

~ The PocketJIRA Team

Unsend Email for BlackBerry

February 25th, 2010

Oops! Accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email to your boss? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient or include an attachment to an email. Ever regret sending an email and wishing you could “unsend” it? Now you can “undo” a sent email with Unsend Email for the BlackBerry (support for other devices coming soon).

This is a must-have application – it can save you from being fired or embarrassed!

For more information about Unsend Email visit the products page or the official Unsend Email homepage at www.unsendemail.com.